Hello, I’m Chris. I’m currently seeking new collaborations,  projects or a job if one is appropriate and available in the North West of England. (or further afield!)

I’d love something in the field of festivals, events or related PR, something that works to support creative talent or do something useful in the community or charity sector.  I have a BSc in Communication Studies, an MSc in Public Relations, I’ve studied creative business management, event management and squeezed in a photography course.

We ended up here as the good Doctor was offered a role that was too good to refuse. When we arrived I spent 6 months working with Victim Support to change how victims services are managed and raised 350k as part of the project, since then I have mostly been taking on freelance projects and producing stuff for GetintothisThe Thin Air, and others, stuff with words. And Pictures.  A year ago I hauled my ass back University.

I opted for the MSc in PR with Events. After having managed bars, written press releases, curated event calendars, created national advertising campaigns, designed and delivered festivals, created websites and social media accounts and hosted hundreds of live shows, I figured I knew a thing or two and thought, well, whats the worst that could happen?


It was a joy. I learned some new stuff and managed to do something interesting by way of a dissertation. Reader, I have written a dissertation on independent festivals that includes more ‘fucks’ than is reasonable in an academic text. It was great to get stuck into something and get to that level of detail. But here’s the crunch, it needs to produce!

Let the sales pitch begin!

Over the last few years I have worked on project development; managing websites and social media pages, delivering content with a host of wonderful creatives; I’ve taken on event design and delivery; stage and artist management and a host of oddjobs. I’ve been delivering events for 15 years, working with partners across a range of organisations and sectors. I’m expert at creating conversations and managing communication. I can take the hassle out of stakeholder relationships and create enjoyable, useful engagement tools. I can develop networks, create partnerships and deliver everything from business events to national consultation projects.  I love a good problem.

I’ve worked with a ton of lovely folk, from OhYeah Belfast through to Belfast Music Week with MTV, Bushmills Live, Belfast Festival, Sound City, Electric Picnic, The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival I developed the Oxjam Festival, delivering four festivals in Belfast, the first of their kind in the UK, delivering over 60 events. The Oxjam model has been used internationally and raised over £3,500,000.


I am currently working with Atlantic Sessions on the North Coast, a beauty of a thing that will grow and grow. I am making very confusing things real at the University of Liverpool and I produce content for Getintothis, The Thin Air, and Folk and Tumble on themes as diverse as The Turner Prize win for Granby4Streets, finding music on Bold Street and old REM albums. (check the words page).  I still brandish a camera.


I’ve delivered projects with Youthnet, developed income streams, delivered training and supported organisations in crisis. I helped develop a Code of Good Governance for Northern Ireland and a sector led Quality Assurance Framework for Youth Services in Northern Ireland. Both much more exciting than their monikers suggest.


I was Chairperson of the Belfast Fairtrade Committee, responsible for City accreditation in two national boards and managing partnerships across the UK. I launched the now annual Fairtrade Belfast awards. I worked with the Northern Ireland Co-operative to widen the organisation’s demographic and create new partnerships. I produced marketing campaigns, managed fundraising events, delivered training and recruitment programmes.


I’ve made tea, made policy, created educational activities; I’ve trained, tamed, tallied; I’ve managed diaries, breakdowns, meltdowns, washouts, washed floors, served pints and done just about every job in the book. I am game for just about anything.

I would love to have a chat!
If you want a cuppa click here!



What other people say…

Chris has developed close working relationships with key artists, practitioners, venues, and promoters. His reputation for being dedicated, committed and his ability to deliver to tight deadlines has led to him being an invaluable member of the festival team.

Carolyn Mathers
Atlantic Sessions

I have known Chris for five years as both a manager and collaborator across a wide range of projects, developing proposals and creating innovative services for our joint employer and for my own company. Chris is consistently creative, innovative and thought-provoking (in a very positive way) in his approach, he is knowledgeable across a range of subjects and is thorough when researching a new area.  I would have Chris on my team again without hesitation.

Andrew Hall.

Freelance Client (AHP Services)

Chris is a tremendous ally who has supported the Oh Yeah music centre since the very early days. He is a friend, a councillor, an expert in youth services and he scrubs a good floor. In the past few years, he has taken a keen interest in photography and he made this into a personal dynamic. His music shots have bite and drama. He has documented a lot of the changes in music around the city. His portraits are cool. I fully endorse this chap.

Stuart Bailie
Journalist, NME, WORD, BBC

Chris has been an official photographer for CQAF for five years. He is a technically gifted photographer with a great eye for the key shot and is as adept at careful composition as he is at beautifully capturing the moment be it at a rock or comedy performance or an audience reaction. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him for any kind of photographic work; such is his talent and versatility. Oh, and he’s a very dependable and decent bloke as well!

Joseph Nawaz
Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

I have known Chris for years and have worked with him in a number of capacities. With his running of gigs for Oxfam in Belfast and promoting local music in many ways he is always a consummate professional. An all round decent chap that does what he says he will. A credit to the Northern Irish nation!

Dan Donnelly
The Wonderstuff

Chris is a top bloke and a great photographer.
He’s documented several projects for Oh Yeah and always delivers the goods.

Charlotte Dryden
The Ohyeah Centre

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