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This not the nine o’clock news, it’s not even new news, this is old news, lots of old news.

These pieces of prose exist to keep it all in one place, remember, but it also acts as a point of reference of sorts, though the chances are that you’ve missed most of these shows.

If you need copy wrestled into intelligence, I’m your man; if you need someone to root out the typos in a poorly presented press release, I’m your man; if you need someone to write a story based on an idea, a tour, or a concept for any other shenanigans you’re planning or even contemplating, I’m your man.

If you’re after a nice crocheted Tea Pot Cover, I am not your Nan.

Read on.


Earth announce European tour to support ninth album

The Washington state duo hail from good stock and even better soil, North West US of the late eighties was awash with grunge, garage bands, noise, drone, metal and more amps than you could ever shake a stick at.

They took their name from Black Sabbath, had a guest vocalist in the shape of Kurt Cobain, their first album was considered a masterpiece in the genre, hailed as a work that essentially transcended genres.

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The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts announce a return to Liverpool to celebrate new album

The Wildhearts formed in 1989 in Newcastle Upon Tyne and despite a number of top 20 hits and a top 10 album, they never really achieved great commercial success.

However, they have a remarkable set of die-hard fans that have stuck with them through line up changes, battles, brawls, scandals, fights, disbandment and numerous reformations, to be richly rewarded with a new album in 2019. The Wildhearts have been at the forefront of the rock and roll scene for almost 30 years.

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Deerhunter, courtesy of Mr Goodbody

Deerhunter announce UK & European Tour

Georgia rockers Deerhunter have announced a UK and European tour that includes their biggest London show to date at the Roundhouse in Camden and a show a little closer to home. Having released their eighth studio album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? to critical acclaim, they’re taking their new material out on the road for a summer of headline shows.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the band came together in 2001. With a line up that changed often in the early days and the loss of a founding member to an accident they recorded and released their first studio album, Turn It Up Faggot in 2005.  Their follow up released in 2007, Cryptograms was thrashed out in a studio in just two days, delivering ambient noise and a rash of proper garage rock tunes.

Full article here.

Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick & Friends head to Kitchen Street to play Arthur Russell

If you haven’t heard of Broderick before his output makes that a bit of a surprise, to suggest that Broderick is a busy man is perhaps a little bit of an understatement.  Broderick can put his hand to any number of musical instruments and like many multi-talented folks from that part of the world, spent a little time as a session musician.

That he can put his hand to the piano, banjo, mandolin, guitar, violin and (checks notes) musical saw, makes him a valuable commodity on the gigging front anywhere, it also makes it easy to make your own. He has worked with Zooey Deschanel, Dolorean and spent some time with Danish ensemble Efterklang touring with the band after the release of their album Parades.

Full article here.

The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures are coming to wage war against the machines at Phase One

To date, they’ve put out a whopping eighteen albums, yes, 18, and that is not a typo, so any set they play can cover a huge range of their work, throw in dozens of collaborations and, well, anything is likely to happen. They have a reputation for being a little left of centre, a bit out there, as an example, their 2016 long-player, A Season in Hull was recorded live using a solitary microphone and was released only on vinyl.

In another twist designed to torture any and all Moshi Mosi PR teams, The Wave Pictures went into the studio to record their 2018 record, Brushes with Happiness, drunk and sans music, and ended up improvising the entire shebang.

Full article here.

Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2018, by Clemens Mitscher

Fuzz Club announce warm-up show and line up ahead of Eindhoven festival

Last year’s inaugural festival resulted in fans and artists converging on Eindhoven from over 35 different countries to immerse themselves in a celebration of all things fuzz, reverb, skuzz and drone.  The shindig takes place on August 23 and 24 at the Effenaar, and we have the full line up.

Heading to Eindhoven are Arizona’s The Myrrors as well as cool Icelandic outfit   Singapore SlingKikagaku MoyoIceageThe KVBNight BeatsTess ParksThe Underground YouthThe TelescopesFroth, and Les Big Byrd. After playing Deeper Cuts this weekend Teeth Of The Sea will head to Eindhoven to join The Warlocks,   CosmonautsThe Vacant LotsLumeriansRendez-VousWhispering Sons, and Acid Baby Jesus.

Full article here.

Primavera Sound

Primavera celebrate another successful year with some very special events

Primavera Sound has barely cleared the floors and they are already hard at work on Primavera Sound 2020 and preparing the celebrations for their 20th anniversary, they have a mammoth list of special events and parties to announce, but for now, we have two. Primavera Sound 2020 will include events all over the world, chief amongst them will be an expedition to Los Angeles, that will take place on 19th and 20th September 2020 in the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

And there more are dates for Barcelona and Oporto, Primavera Sound 2020 will return from 4th to 6th June in Barcelona and from 11th to 13th June in Porto.

Full article here.


Björk to debut Cornucopia spectacular across Europe

It could reasonably be argued that Björk is one of the most remarkable artists this planet has managed to birth, she is unquestionably an original, a true non-conformist on a path of her own choosing and design. As an artist, she shows total and utter disregard for labels, genre or the reaction of the wider world to her work.  That work is something that is hewn from her soul and drenched in her heart, her work changes often, she creates whole new personas for each rebirth and each is as remarkable as the last.

She uses technology, sound and the spaces she performs in ways we’ve never seen before. She is a true innovator.  Her art, performance, image, videos, colour palate, view of the world and her reaction to it are ever-evolving, her audience mere witnesses to her ever-changing dimensions, and, frankly, we should be pleased with our lot.

Full article here.

Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs announces UK tour dates, a book of poetry and new collaboration

Cass McCombs comes from many places, not necessarily based on this ball of spinning rock, and it shows too, mostly in his unearthly work ethic. His work traverses a path from good old fashioned rock and roll and makes it all the way to punk via psych, folk and a snippet or two of alt-country.

The physical embodiment of Cass McCombs hails from the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area where he plied his trade throughout the 1990s, more recently finding himself drawn to the streets of New York City. He recorded his debut single, Not the Way, in San Francisco in 2001, came to these shores via a John Peel session in 2003, and shortly after that released his first long-player A.

Full article here.


Mark Lanegan releases teaser single ahead of new album and tour

Unless you’ve been living in a hermitage, or under a vow of silence, chances are you will know the name Mark Lanegan. His is perhaps one of the most recognisable names in alternative American rock. Born in Ellensburg, Washington, Lanegan got started in music in 1984 with a grunge band by the name of Screaming Trees, after a spell in prison for drugs offences that is. Lanegan also released records as a solo artist in the years of Screaming Trees, launching his first solo album, The Winding Sheet, in 1990.

Since then he has another ten solo albums, been involved in numerous collaborative projects and received critical recognition. Lanegan has worked with Kurt Cobain, folk legend Lead Belly, he joined Queens of the Stone Age, featuring on five of their albums

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