Poxy children

Who talked me into this?

I’m lying in the dark, it’s 3am and I am typing with my left hand; an appendage ill-coordinated for such purposes, while simultaneously keeping my phone out of sight of a chicken poxed  Zola who is getting a back rub with my other hand. This is after watching her all day, singing, playing much too loud children’s musical instruments, throwing food in her general direction and doing a seven hour shift in the library that started at 6.30pm.

She is repeatedly singing ‘daddy daddy daddy’, sitting up to shout ‘night night’ into a dark room, wave at the door for reasons as yet unknown, and breaking into applause. And definitely, definitely, definitely not sleeping.

( I do think however that she is applauding my work ethic, but what do I know. )

This comes one week after we’ve been through the same with Milo. Zola has predictably followed suit, that other parents want to come here and rub their children against them is neither here nor there. What strange joy.

Raechelle is super busy with work and giving me whatever time we can squeeze in, she has high falooting presentations to deliver and funding applications up the wazoo. So it’s muck in time,  Milo included.

The reason I write is that given that much of my masters is based on events, music and making magic, actual music has been keeping me sane of late. To a point obviously.  So, in the spirit of sharing here are my top ten studying tunes.

In no particular order…
David Holmes Late Night Tales mix has been a saving grace, it’s a calm, collected, beautiful bliss and just right as the sun sets. I’ve written about Homer here!

I was looking up Belfast Music yesterday and ended up, via the wonders of YouTube, in the front row with Mathers at the Van Morrison Cyprus Avenue gig that Eastside Arts somehow managed to pull off. An amazing feat quite frankly. I thought I heard a laugh  at some point in the recording but I’ve been told he choked.

When I first visited Liverpool my good pal Doc introduced me to the music of Ludovico Einaudi and I’ve never looked back. He is an incredible talent.  I Giorni reminds me of my first trip to this city which is now home. In case you’re wondering we ended up drunk on Matthew St so there’s that.

One record I go back to again and again is that of Awna Teixeira  I first saw Po Girl in Ohyeah, then again in the Black Box as part of CQAF. I have vague memories of drunkenly tormenting Awna to do a solo album so I’m puttimg her recent success down to me.

Speaking of which another CQAF has come to an end, the second I’ve missed. *sniff*

They had The Divine Comedy play this year and by all accounts it was an amazing show. I’m not bitter. Theres something about their music that makes libraries somehow bareable. The beautiful thing that is Tonight We Fly helps you soar.

I read this week that the only half sane thing left on Matthew Street, View Two Gallery, is to close very soon. I’ve seen some amazing shows there, the highlight has to be our very own Pat Dam Smyth.  A gloomy evening in the library is lifted immensely with a bit of Pat channelling through your brain.

Shine a little light on me…

As part of a module assessment I’ve written a project proposal to bring Other Voices to Liverpool, to Dingle in Liverpool no less. Why this isn’t already a thing I’ll never know. When I need a bit of a shake I head to asiwyfa land. They are pure noise merchants and help drown out the make-up chats. Honestly, someone used a screen as a mirror beside me the other night . When I am in charge these people will be first against the wall.  Set Guitars To Kill.

There has been some talk of a Lafaro reunion of sorts this week. I’m not sure who is in charge of this kind of thing but yes. Just yes. Make it so. I’ll throw in a few tuppence if anyone sets up a gofundme.

I always resort to James Vincent Mc Morrow just because.  He is dublin, Electric Picnic, Ohyeah, The Black Box, Other Voices, CQAF and Toronto all rolled into one, the glorious bearded high pitched hippie that he is. Step away from that monitor and breathe.

Last but not least is the saviour of Derry city and our Bronagh Gallagher. She’s an amazing, gentle soul, a powerful woman and a force of nature, she has done more than most to help keep me sane. Honestly, I got a series of ACDC related texts and gifs from her on my first day of the Masters. Rock on indeed.

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