Automation aberration

It happened again.

Someone left a door open.

The images below are just a selection of posts that have come through the National Lottery Twitter account in the last hour. Yeah, the last hour.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and to be honest I have neither the time nor the inclination to dig any deeper.

I have talked about when the internet gets stupid. Here.

I have talked about how the internet never closes. Here.

It would seem that some of you weren’t paying attention…

Now, I would have expected more of the National Lottery, I would have expected more from their Social Media team, I certainly wouldn’t have expected that team of paid professional social media experts to open an automation system and for that to remain unmonitored. Seriously.

Because this, frankly is ghastly. What disappoints me more though is that with an opportunity like this, wide open to abuse some really good opportunities for humour have been missed.

Instead we get the lowest common denominator and gutter attempts at humour as well as racism and childish schoolboy toilet jokes…

Poor form everyone.

I am still mid dissertation, you might be pleased to hear. But, I thought I would pop this up so I can come back to it when the inevitable fallout, public apology, and sackings take place.

Stay tuned!


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