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Well here’s a turn up for the books.  It’s not enough that I can create, design, develop, fund, deliver, tour manage, event manage, merch manage, preview, review and photograph events, I can (more or less) add filmmaker to my CV.  Not quite, but I’m getting there.  If you want to bypass early attempts my latest one is at the bottom!

This page exists so videos can live alongside everything else so you can see what I do, and what it all looks like together. These can be a tad on the fuzzy side as they’re made for social media use so aren’t huge files, though I may load the ‘yuge’ ones when time permits. You should see the new bits of this gig I’ve learned along the way too!

Have a wander through and let me know what your favourite is!



First up is Jealous of The Birds performing a cover of ‘Shame’ by Ciaran Lavery at the Flowerfield Arts Centre in Portstewart. This was recorded on the 20th of November 2016 as part of the Atlantic Sessions Festival in Ireland, you should go to one.

Next is Eilidh Patterson playing ‘Do I Even Cross Your Mind’ at Atlantic Sessions, again in 2016. A song based on images and tales brought to mind after Eilidh saw Willie Nelson perform live. We lost Eilidh for a while, it’s a joy to see her back in business.

This little slice of acoustic heaven is brought to you by Jonny Black of Lafaro fame, performing a beguiling cover of Damien Jurado‘s Working Titles. It’s all the more surprising as this took place at Lunchtime in the sublime Cafe Koko in Portrush for Atlantic Sessions. If you are ever up that part of the world they do amazing coffee and sublime caramel squares. It’s also a sublime spot for a seaside gig. Even in November. After you’ve had Whiskey for breakfast in Bushmills.

Especially so, maybe.

This one was taken on my phone so I apologise in advance, however, this magical moment happened at a point when all my camera gear had been safely stored in my hotel room upstairs.

The lovely man from Bushmills had bought us a round of spectacular Red drams and we were settling in for a chat by the fire when this happened. I knew the song from the first chord. What created the urgency is that we’d given them a string quartet to play with, the Arco Quartet as it happens, and I kind of guessed where it was going to go.

I didn’t have time to go upstairs, find a camera, find anything really. The phone had to do, frankly, this is too good a song and moment not to share. It isn’t even ruined by the crazy drunk bloke whistling in the background at the beginning, though it should be noted that the crazy drunk bloke was still whistling as he was ejected from the building.

This is Derrys’ finest four piece Ports playing Devil is a Songbird, live at The Anchor, Portstewart for Atlantic Sessions in November of 2017.

Forgive the shakes, there was Whiskey.

I’ve had the honour of joining the crew aboard the Good Ship Bronagh Gallagher more than a few times over the last 12 years or so. On trips to that London, to actual ships, basements, churches, and strange tents all across the land.

A Trailer Park once, of sorts.

I didn’t tell Ms Gallagher I was going to make this film, it just kind of happened. I thought I should share it. It’s a bit fuzzy but I’m learning as I go, like most of us.

The track you hear is ‘Radio’ by Bronagh and her band of merry sailors. It is the most ridiculous fun being able to hang out with these beautiful people, though this was the first time I’d ever spent any time with them onstage.

I do not envy that bit at all… xx

Most of what exists on this site was created for public consumptions on the pages of Getintothis. There are others too obviously, and some outbursts that are probably unpublishable anywhere. Though a lot of it was for Getintothis. They have me making videos now, on top of writing, editing and photographing stuff. That’s why these videos are all here now. Getintothis are responsible for having me think about making videos, and podcasts and microphones and broadbands and socials and seeing bands I’ve never heard of. And God but some of those bands have been terrible.

The following videos are short shorts created to promote the Deep Cuts new music nights that we put on at the Jacaranda Phase One in Liverpool. The first video features the song ‘Lonely Girl’ by Eli Smart. You should like this. This is where I decide that I can make one camera look like lots with really snappy edits. I assume that filmmakers have a term for this but I have no idea what it is. Watch it anyway.

This second video is another short promo for Deep Cuts, using Autumn Ritual, kindly provided by The Entire City, who played a storming set on the night.

This one is the one where I decided to play around with lenses, and zooms and actually move the venue lighting around as I worked. I wasn’t entirely popular with the staff. But I think I did alright with this one. The song is you hear is by a very talented chap by the name of Douglas Savage and it is called San Francisco Disco! Find out more about Mr. Savage on his Facebook page

This is another one for Deep Cuts, this time its May 2019 and the one and only Tracky releasing his Boys in Black single, which is handy as its the soundtrack to this too.  This was a superb night of music with Foundlings, K a n g a r o o s, The Shunt, Munkey Junkey and spoken word by Amina Atiq. If you want to find Tracky have a look at his facebook page here, he’s a lovely scallywag.


Deeper Cuts festival takes place on the 13th of July in Jacaranda Phase One.  I made a promo video for it and dropped in a tune from the mighty Gnoomes.  Get in.

Here it is, the Deeper Cuts Festival review tape. This is a full three and a bit minute look at the inaugural Getintothis Festival that took place across three rooms, Kaz Gardens, The Stockroom and Jacaranda Phase One on July 13th, 2019.

T’was a glorious day too.

The track you hear is Late Night City by Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and it is a stonking tune. Get a load of their stuff here.  It is a little odd but we did a rare review of one of our shows, it’s here if you want to have a look-see –

And another one!

This is from the October 2019 show, again af Phase One on Seel Street in Liverpool.  Just a quick run through with Hammerhead Snails, Podge, The Merchants, Echoes and Abby Meysenburg. The track is Restless Heart from Abby Meysenburgs’ EP At Least Mostly Sure. And yes, the date on this November 7th but that’s the next one.

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