It occurred to me recently that I was writing loads of news items and shorter pieces and that none of those was making it to the site. It also occurred to me that creating ten individual pieces to hold short pieces was probably not going to make for an interesting read and would most likely dilute them all.

Why not put them all in one place?

So, on top of long form, picture taking, video making and all the rest I can write news pieces, snappy text to tell any story.  I can do an album review in 400 words or less and help you share your news.  Tuck into this lot, ten pieces for the price of one.



Hot Chip unveils A Bath Full of Ecstasy, huge world tour. (here)

“We have their first release for your listening pleasure, Hungry Child is a glorious six minutes of joy that hints at classic house and nods in the direction UK garage, it stands every chance of sound-tracking your summer. The video is a full-on eight-minute short – it’s a beautiful thing.”

Hot Chip


The Chemical Brothers release long-awaited new album No Geography (here)

“No Geography includes some absolute bangers in the shape of recent singles Free Yourself, We’ve Got To Try and MAH. No Geography has been wowing reviewers across the majors and filling floors for a few weeks, it packs a fairly nifty punch coming in at ten tracks.”

The Chemical Brothers


Primal Scream go Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll with Greatest Hits album (here)

“One of the highlights of the last year probably has to be Bobby Gillespie sitting, stoic, immovable, disgusted, as the panel on This Week on BBC2 danced to something called the Skibidi challenge. He’s that kind of cool.

Following the announcement of imminent release of the Primal Scream singles record Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Singles, hitting the shelves, both real and virtual, at the end of May, Primal Scream have announced two intimate warm-up gigs at the Haunt in Brighton on May 20 and in Scala in London’s May 21.

Primal Scream


Top ten UK artists to catch at Liverpool Sound City 2019 (here)

“Just Mustard – Irish five-piece are proving that shoegaze isn’t quite dead yet, screeching guitars, melodic tunes and a soul that only a Dundalker can bring they have caught more than a bit of attention on Irish shores and beyond. Their debut album was recorded live, straight to tape with very little post-production and if it is anything to go by there’s will be an interesting show. Wear your converse folks.”

(Written in collaboration with Matty Loughlin)

Sound City Liverpool


The Punk Singer and Beija Flo roll into Metal Liverpool (here)

“The crowdfunded film documents the life of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, exploring the beginnings of the pioneering Riot Grrrl movement and showcasing inspiring stories of women who started their own musical movement in response to the male-dominated 90s punk rock scene. The film was released in 2013 and has won numerous awards, collecting gongs at Seattle International Film Festival and at Distrital International in Mexico.”

The Punk Singer


Liverpool Feis announce stunning additions to 2019 show (here)

“The first show included Van Morrison, The Hothouse Flowers, Therapy?, Damien Dempsey, Imelda May, Sharon Shannon, Jack Lukeman, dancers, crafters, craic and a host of others.  While there were niggles, we imagine this year will be a very different beast indeed, Vince Power won’t have niggles at a show two years in a row. Power is the ‘Godfather of gigs’. He has had a hand in as many brands, festivals and venues as you can name and when he put Madness on at Finsbury Park it registered on the Richter scale.”

Liverpool Feis


Daughters announce UK tour including Harvest Sun Arts Club date (here)

“Following their sell-out April live dates, Daughters announce their return to Europe this October, one year since the release of their acclaimed album You Won’t Get What You Want.  After the success of their last album, Daughters have rarely found a day that hasn’t involved a bus or transit van, their touring schedule has been relentless to say the very least. Much like their sound.”

Daughters – Image by Reid_Haithcock


Massachusetts rockers Cave In to release Final Transmission (here)

“Following the tragic death of bassist Caleb Scofield in March of 2018 many commentators suggested that Massachusetts rockers Cave In would call it a day.  It would certainly be understandable for most to drop the curtain in such circumstances, but for Cave In they felt they had a duty to help Scofield’s wife and two children.  When the dust had settled the band arranged to play a number of benefit gigs to raise some money for Scofield’s family and did so with some gusto.  It was after these shows that thoughts turned to the final two days of recordings they had that included Scofield, the band felt that the music they had produced was too important to shelve.”



Kandodo release new album K3, another slice of cosmic moon dust and psych (here)

“If ever a record was designed to tune in and drop out, K3 from Kandodo is surely it.  If you need something to while away the time on a train ride, to drown out the noise of other peoples kids, or your own for that matter, then this, dear reader is the record for you.  Recorded over three years aided by fellow Heads H O Morgan and Wayne Maskell, the album was recorded in Bristol on Price’s 4 track. It has Price stamped in it’s very DNA.”

Kandodo, picture by Tom Adam for Getintothis


Deep Cuts #28 – The Bohos review – (here)

“The Bohos aren’t exactly new to these pages. Stupid is a fairly succinct example of their punky, gnarly, scuzzy, frenetic sound, coming in at a spikey three minutes and forty-three seconds. It is a staple of their live set already so if you’ve seen them live you’ll probably have heard this. You’ll have certainly seen frontman Fin Power stalk around the stage as the riffs kick in.”

The Bohos


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